Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh, how I have dreamed of you:)

I can't believe it. I have found the bed I have been wanting for months now. Thanks Craigslist.

She will get a white paint job, but other than that perfectly fits the bill. I have toyed with the idea of having her refinished, but considering that the trim, etc. in my room will be all white I think I want to stick with that theme. What do you think?

The eBay post below is for two beds, but considering I only paid $100 for the bed, box spring, mattress and the owners helped me load it...I am very happy with my deal.

Don't forget to smile:) The Pearl


  1. White would soooo fit your style. Go with it!

    1. I agree. It is hard to cover the yellow though because it is so happy.

  2. I love when you find exactly what you are looking for on Craigslist! It is adorable.